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Top 10 - choosing a South Coast web designer

How to choose a professional South Coast web designer.

Looking for a web designer in Southern NSW? Here's our top 10 recommendations to keep in mind to help you with your choice.

1. Your web designer will embrace your unique requirements.

Some backyard designers will force you into a solution you don't necessarily want, because they're not able to achieve what you're actually asking for. A real web design agency will embrace your requirements through elegant design and custom code. The site should be focussing on the needs of your target audience, and be profitable for you by putting thought into your website's content, design and features.

At Fisse Design, we engage - using the latest web technologies, best practice search engine optimisation techniques and well structured content. We are dedicated to clean, uncluttered websites with simple navigation and beautiful design, our websites work.

2. Your web designer will assess your goals.

Delivering a design with a purpose - a site that has the intent to deliver toward those goals.

After defining some goals, we work with our clients to map out the key features and interactions of your website and then apply beautiful, branded designs to the layout.

All of our sites are big screen, mobile and tablet friendly and use a content management that makes it easy to take control of your site.

We also provide user guides, one-on-one and group training so that you feel completely comfortable with your new online presence.

3. Your agency should offer some kind of business integration

Helping you save time with a seamless workflow.

We build websites that do more than just look pretty. We can help you integrate your website or other services with your own internal systems, such as…

  • Contact or lead generation forms straight to CRM
  • Online transactions to Xero accounting
  • Website content auto-broadcasts to Social Media
  • Selling online and on Facebook
  • Populate Google Docs from forms or surveys

4. They should offer online eCommerce options

If you're selling online, you'll need an online store that does what you want.

We can make your store look and flow exactly how you want. Without costing the earth, we can create beautiful, custom made e-commerce stores that you can manage yourself. Imagine your new store with…

  • Endless categorisation and featured product options
  • Stock & inventory levels
  • Custom delivery methods and pricing
  • Secure transactions over SSL
  • Transfers direct to your bank account

5. …and a solid range of useful add ons

Websites are more than just brochures. After discussing your requirements, your web designer should be offering up some options that are useful to your business. What will they be? The answer to that is, anything - websites should be built to suit a business (and not a template) so they can do a lot of things!

Here's some common features or add-ons available:

  • Fully responsive, mobile & tablet friendly
  • Easy to manage text, photos and videos
  • Sell products online & on Facebook
  • Receive payments direct to your bank
  • Video, photo sliders and effects
  • Full screen image or video backgrounds
  • Integration with social media channels
  • Integration with CRM applications
  • Integration with Accounting applications
  • Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Member areas with special content
  • Subscription services
  • Forms and surveys
  • Bookings and reservations
  • SMS message alerts
  • Live Chat or Video Conferencing

6. Your web designer should be able to show you a range of great looking websites

If your web designer is a backyard operator or lacking experience, the chances are they won't have many runs on the board. You should feel convinced that your new supplier has the capability to provide a well crafted, professional online presence. Choose a supplier that's worked for numerous industries, and at different scales - this way they know the ins and outs of what's required and can actually be of service to you.

At Fisse Design, we've done the lot! Whether mobile sites, landing pages, product micro-sites, or full-blown web applications - Fisse Design has helped hundreds of businesses in almost every industry evolve what they do online by simply focussing on their business processes, marketing strategy and discussing ideas for a great outcome.

Many of our clients are surprised at the level of thought that's bring forward to the discussion before entering into any work. It's because we care about what we do and we're after results.

  • Accommodation websites
  • Tourism and charter websites
  • Trades & hospitality websites
  • Retail & channel sales & eCommerce
  • Education & eLearning
  • Corporate governance & compliance

7. Choose a one-stop-shop

Finding a supplier who can manage all of your needs is a huge time saver. If you develop a long term relationship with an all-in-one supplier, there's cost efficiencies and a huge reduction in hassle. As your local expert on the South Coast, our mission is to bridge the gap between social media experts, web designer, developers, marketing specialists and hosting companies. As a fully fledged digital agency, we tie these services together for your (stress-free) convenience.

Fisse Design brings your business value by offering a suite of digital services through one friendly point of contact.

8. Content Creation - Graphic Design, Video & Photography

Content is king. We can provide photos, videos, incredible marketing copy and charts for presentation materials.

Do you struggle with copywriting and presentation assets? Copy for proposals, advertising and brochures are a speciality.

Simple, well written content will also boost engagement on your website and search rankings.

In this highly competitive arena for digital content, Fisse Design can help you with a slick, branded presence online that flows through all of your content and social creative. We can help you with

  • Banners for websites
  • Branded cover graphics for social channels
  • Professional infographics
  • Awesome Instagram content

9. SEO - Search Optimisation

We do website search engine optimisation audits, social strategy and ongoing maintenance.

Your business involvement in social circles online has never been so important. Let us help you with a complete strategy that covers promotion and engagement through your social accounts and website.

10. Web & Email Hosting

High speed, value packed Australian hosting services, to suit smaller businesses right up to dedicated servers for high traffic, heavy bandwidth sites and critical business applications.

Serving clients websites reliably & quickly, our secure servers are located in the industry leading NextDC S1 datacentre in Sydney on the best fibre-optic networks available. Hosting is offered as an option with all our website proposals.