From Batemans Bay to Merimbula, savvy South Coast businesses are becoming increasingly aware that their website needs to measured to have an understanding of how successful it is. Like an employee or TV commercial, you’ve put in money, and what are you getting out of it? To measure the ROI of your website, you must understand:

  • How much traffic it’s receiving (through website analytics – e.g Google)
  • How many leads you are getting from the website
    • Contact form enquiries
    • Phone enquiries (you must qualify how they heard from you)
  • The percentage of these leads that have turned into sales, and;
  • The value of those sales

With the value of the sales generated at hand, you need to compare against the cost of the website. How to do that? Most websites receive significant updates every 2-3 years to adapt to new trends, new branding, add new sales tools such as brief / quote forms or e-commerce sales etc. So if you factor in the cost of the website, any updates and hosting over 3 years you’ll have a good basis for comparison. To calculate the ROI as a percentage, follow the basic equation offered below:

(Return – Investment)100 / (Investment) =  %ROI

e.g if 3 years annual sales is $75000, and the website purchase cost & 3 years hosting was $5000 in total, then:

(75000-5000) x 100 / 5000 = 1400% return on investment.

We encourage you to look at your own figures and measure how you’re tracking. If you don’t have the data, well… why not? And, if things don’t add up favourably – what’s the next course of action?

There’s a lot of things you can do to improve upon your website investment in order to make it more effective. Does it look good? What’s it’s purpose? Can it be found online? Is it displaying well on mobile phones? Are you selling on it? Are you gathering data about customers from it? Are you freshening up the content on it regularly? We’re across a lot of the tips and tricks that make an effective online presence – so read through some of the features we offer in all of our website rebuilds and new sites built from scratch:

Fantastic Designs

Look great and rise above the competition.

We focus on function first and map out key pages of your website using “wireframes”. They’re a little like an architect’s floor plan, only for a website. From here, we either design or use your existing brand elements to build a gorgeous site from scratch.

You’ll notice our sites have a special touch and always look great. That’s because we’re one of the few local agencies that can produce creative over every medium and code it well; we conceive a design and build it, rather shoe-horn into templates.

We can also provide slick creative for web, eDMs and social, such as promo videos, banners & infographics.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Reach out to 100% of your potential clients.

Did you know at least 50% of your visitors are looking at your website from a phone or tablet? All of our websites are responsive – meaning all key elements, photos, graphics and containers of text are in elastic boxes to suit every screen size, including handheld devices.

Sometimes content needs to be removed or sorted differently – for example, a big feature image on a desktop is just not useful on a mobile phone. And there’s mobile specific content you may need – such as a prominent “call us” or “book” button that doesn’t feature on desktops. We can handle it.

With testing and QA on all devices and major browsers, we ensure nothing is out of place.

Integrate with other apps

Save time running your business with a smarter website.

Save time with an improved business workflow. Do you use any cloud based services? Google apps? We can help you integrate your website or other services with your own internal systems, such as…

  • Contacts from lead generation forms straight to CRM
  • Online transactions to Xero accounting
  • Quote building forms that create Xero quotes
  • Website content auto-broadcasts to Social Media
  • Selling online and on Facebook
  • Populate Google Docs from forms or surveys

Custom online stores that do what you want.

Without costing the earth, we can create beautiful, custom made e-commerce stores that you can manage yourself. Imagine your new store with…

  • Custom product presentation & purchase interactions
  • Endless categorisation and featured product options
  • Stock & inventory levels
  • Custom delivery methods and pricing
  • Secure transactions over SSL
  • Transfers direct to your bank account, PayPal or Stripe

Update your own content

Own it and love it!

Our websites use content management systems that make it easy for you or your staff to update images, video content, news and page content.

Do you have a new service, or has your pricing changed? No problem – login, select the page and make the change – it’s as simple as using any basic office software on your computer.

We use a highly flexible platform that is easy to use, and caters for many options in the future for upgrades – whether it’s upgrading to e-commerce facilities, special bookings forms or secure, member areas. It’s also open-source – which means anyone can use it, work on it & host it; you’re not trapped with any one agency!

Search Engine Optimisation

Leading SEO performance for 20 years.

We’ve been ranking sites consistently at #1, #2 and #3 for nearly 20 years. Isn’t that how you found us? We can do the same for you – researching the most used, local keywords in your industry or profession. One recent customer, Narooma Charters, has benefitted from search ranking positions mainly in position #1 and #2 for 15 out of 20 of the researched keywords we’re ranking the site for. The rest are under half way down the page, up to #5.

Did you know the chance of somebody clicking your website lower down on page 1 of a search result is significantly lower than the first 3? While search engine results are highly competitive and can take some time, typically the results are long lasting. The traffic and subsequent business you’ll get from a beautifully optimised, content rich website continues with a very good half-life, while Google Ads are costly and the results disappear as soon as you stop paying.

20 years of SEO – the fundamentals are the same.

We remember building websites from scratch in the 90s. Back then, the main search engine was Altavista, and Google didn’t even exist. A lot has changed, but the fundamentals haven’t. All of our websites come with a basic level of of search optimisation, and we have 3 plans for continual improvement.

Many of our sites rank well within the first few weeks, and with a little tweaking they’re on page 1 for all but the most competitive keywords. We’re a bit nerdy and know all the tricks!

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Jervis Bay Kayak & Paddlesports Co

a year ago

Adrian and his team are simply amazing. We are an existing business and our old website was out of date and quite complex. We spoke to a few designers but Adrian stood out for being wonderful to talk to (I actually understood what he was saying!) and making the entire process so simple, along with working to our budget. The team created an amazing new site, on schedule, on budget and kept us up to date the whole way through. I had been in fear of getting this done but have already let them know our new business will be getting set up through them without a doubt!

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Shilo Christie

a year ago

Adrian is a fantastic at his job and so is Sarah. Excellent service and great they built a fantastic website for us! Would definitely recommend 😊

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Matthew Deveson

2 years ago

We recently had Fisse Design build our website - excellent service and we are very happy with the outcome. For example, easy navigation, great look and feel and all of the pictures and content that we wanted to reflect what our business is about. Most of all Fisse Design was able to capture the essence of our vision and our reason for being in the site. Thanks Adrian and Sarah - Matt & Jen

Google Avatar

Whale Inn and Restaurant

2 years ago

Fisse Design have just completed our new website and the whole process was so smooth, from the re-design, transition and launch. The site really captures our us and business and looks amazing. Thanks for helping improve our business!

Facebook Avatar

Rachele O'Reilly

2 years ago

Always very professional. A creative approach. Lovely to deal with.

Rachele O’Reilly
Impact Exhibitions & Events

Google Avatar

Venetian Plaster – All Render Texture

3 years ago

Adrian was great, he was fast and reliable and understood what I wanted. and he did a great job on my website. Something no one else had the time or effort or talent to help me. I highly recommend fisse design!

Facebook Avatar

Jodee Coyle

3 years ago

I asked Fisse Design to do our web page and facebook. From the minute i waked in to door Adrian and Sarah were friendly, warm, professional and very easy to deal with. For someone like me who knows very little about the process, they both made it so easy. Thank you. Would highly recommend.

Facebook Avatar

Eric Hopkins

3 years ago

Facebook Avatar

Narelle Jackson

3 years ago

I am the new manager at Horizon Holiday Apartments in Narooma. I initially contacted Fisse Design to organise a revamp of the Horizon legacy website with a view to provide a new site in 2018. The professionalism, knowledge and design ability of the staff at Fisse Design is absolutely fantastic. As it turned out, the legacy website had many broken links and instead of a revamp, Fisse Design provided us with a complete new website to meet our initial needs within a 1 week period which is just an amazing outcome. We could not be happier with the service that Fisse Design has provided us and we look forward to working closely with Fisse Design in 2018 to build a more informative and guest focussed website with lots of additional information. I thank Fisse Design for everything you have done for us. I honestly believe that there would not be a better web designer/developer in Australia that would work with you so closely and ensure the client receives exactly what is asked for. Well done Fisse Design and thank you so very much. Narelle @ Horizon Holiday Apartments.

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Oakleigh Farm Cottages

4 years ago

Thanks to Fisse Design for the upgrade of our tired outdated website to a modern reactive site with online booking page and content manager.We are loving the ongoing customer service from web hosting to upgrades & technical support. It give us peace of mind to have Fisse Design looking after our gateway to the world.

Facebook Avatar

Lou Porich

4 years ago

Fisse Design are fantastic to work with. They have done a great job developing the new Burrabooks website… not launched yet, but getting closer.

Very friendly, professional and cooperative! Thanks for a great job Adrian.

Facebook Avatar

Vicki Moorhead

4 years ago

Right from our first design brief with Adrian, everything seemed to feel like it was going to be "too easy". Our area of expertise is everything bicycle & Adrian is all about website design. Bring the two together & we now have a slick web page, thats easy to update, looks great on any platform & our business digital presence has soared in performance.

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ChelleMick Gardner

5 years ago

We were recommended to Adrian through friends and couldn't be happier with the results so far. We have engaged with Fisse Design to host, redesign and optimize our site on the internet.

Early days but already seeing results. Highly Recommended.

Facebook Avatar

Karen Mclellan

5 years ago

We asked Fisse design to build us a new website last year for Oakleigh farm cottages and were really impressed with how Adrian really wanted to get to know us and the business first, so that he fully understood what we needed. We wanted a modern, sophisticated, mobile-responsive design that was user-friendly, really ranked well and integrated our booking system and that is exactly what we got. It's been working really well for us and Adrian is always there with support, ongoing updates and general advice on the online presence of our business. Always approachable, easy to get on with and adaptable. Highly recommended

Facebook Avatar

Don Waterfield

5 years ago

After about 7 years using Ebay exclusively to sell our product, we decided that it was time to have our own website but did not know where to start. We found Fisse Design via google, discussed our needs with Adrian and he came up with a website that was beyond our expectations. Initially we required a website that linked our viewers back to our Ebay online Store, however after 12 months we decided to run our website and Ebay separately and had Adrian design a shopping cart. The website has gone from strength to strength due to Adrian's help and advice. We could not be happier with the website and Adrian has set it up so as we can change product, blog and upload images etc. We have no hesitation in recommending Fisse Design to anyone.

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Chris Smith

5 years ago

We got Fisse Design to redevelop our website and make it stand above our competition. For us the biggest asks were for it to rank well on Google, for the site to look great (on mobile phones too) and to hook it up with our bookings system. I trialled a few bookings systems until I found the right one for me, and Adrian got it to work with all of them. He did the lot and we simply couldn’t be happier. He did it for a great price and now he’s hosted it for over 2 years without one hiccup. As for the search engines, almost immediately we saw the effect of his optimisation work and over the weeks and months we enjoyed #1 , #2 and #3 rankings for all of our main search keywords. He also gave us some sound advice and a basic online marketing strategy which we followed - and it has all simply worked! Anytime I’ve got a problem, he sorts me out. Absolute legend, highly recommended.