The Narooma Mobile

1.5 tonnes of Aussie, cancer-crushing fury!

We’re creating the Narooma mobile, a 1995 Ford Falcon that’s being modified to reliably participate in charity rallies and events. It’s themed to represent Narooma, a place close to our hearts; a sanctuary from chaotic city life, a place of respite while recovering from cancer, and an inspiring region full of new opportunities.


Help us raise $5000

2017 – Riverina Redneck Rally

countryhopeIn March 2017, we’re taking the mighty EF Falcon and running in the Riverina Redneck Rally, a gruelling 2500km stint over rough roads around Wagga and further inland.

The event is supporting kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses in regional areas through the charity foundation Country Hope. Read more about Country Hope here.

We’ll be driving in a convoy of crazy cars through schools and communities along the way to provide support and awareness to those in need.

To do so, we’ll need to raise a minimum of $2500! We appreciate any support you can provide, and rest assured we will run as Fisse Design pledges to make up any difference to make it happen.

Please make a donation for the kids using the widget to the left – any amount is appreciated.

Why do we do this?

Fisse Design proprietors Adrian & Sarah relate strongly to the hardship that cancer and other illnesses place on families. Whether you’re city based, regional, a child or an adult – treatment for serious illness has mental and physical effects not only to the patient, but to their supporting families. Worlds get turned upside down and there are after effects that continue for lifetimes. It’s tough, we’ve been through it and we want to lend a hand.

In 1997 I lost my older brother, Stephen, to Leukaemia. He was only 26 and his death has since left my family devastated. At the time, I was only 20 – and lost a mentor and a good mate. It was a crushing experience and I always miss him.

In 2008, my mother-in-law, Jane Wilson, suffered from pancreatic cancer and eventually passed at the age of 59. She was a second mum to me and I loved her dearly. She was barely well enough to meet my 2nd daughter, Elise who was only weeks old.

And more recently in 2011, Sarah suffered from stage 3 cancer. After intensive surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments over a year and 5 years of rebuilding our lives we are grateful Sarah is now officially in remission, and we live in beautiful Narooma NSW making the most of our lives.

This is why we represent Narooma and it’s community in the Narooma mobile!

If one small donation positively affects a family, like mine, going through cancer or other illness – you have no idea how much it will mean to them, and you will have done such a wonderful thing. Any contribution is worthwhile. So I ask you to consider others that may have similar experiences to ours. We thank you in advance for your help.

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Thanks for supporting us…

When we’re not driving $300 cars…

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