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Reap the rewards with search engine basics

As a Narooma resident, I recently made the decision to start optimising this website to be found by visitors in this locale. With the sheer number of websites competing for certain keywords and phrases, throwing in a location as an additional search term is a tried and tested route to success.

However the tricks and traps around search engine optimisation are constantly changing and evolving. It's fairer now, meaning businesses can't simply barge in the rankings queue - they effectively need to work for it and contribute to the online community. The key things businesses needs to review (and commit to) for great search engine rankings are the following:

  • Evolving content. Continual updates, new products and news items are highly beneficial.
  • Activity on Social Media - publish customer reviews, success stories and general articles surrounding your field on Google+ and Facebook. Engage and interact with your clients online.
  • Have a well built, standards compliant website.
  • Having good headings & page titles.
  • Utilise (but don't go overboard) a good keyword strategy throughout your site content.
  • Have a clean, navigable site with good internal link structure to all of your pages.
  • Have a reliable, high speed hosting provider and a site that downloads quickly even on bad connections.

There's more. So much more - but the above are the basics and you'll never succeed unless these are covered. So how have I gone? Well, in 1 week of performing some changes and tweaking aspects of my site, I've gone from not ranking at all with my search terms of choice to #2 in Google. Powerful stuff!

Do you want to be found? I can perform an SEO audit on your site, apply basic changes, or even completely re-design your site to help you get the most out of your web presence - all at rates you'd be surprised with. I'd love to hear from you - I'm available to meet in person in Moruya, Narooma, Dalmeny, Tilba & Mystery Bay over a cuppa, and discuss obligation free search engine strategies with you.