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New website - Parker's Organic site launched

We're proud to announce that the new Parker's Organic website has been launched.

With a brand new design that suits the organic nature of their product, the new Parker's site is markedly improved in appearance.

But the real work was behind the scenes. Integrating with Westpac's payment gateway, PayWay, Adrian Fisse Design's developers hooked up the site to Westpac's API. Now visitors can select boxes of organic drinks and pay for them securely online.

A massive feature of the site is the ability to subscribe to selections of boxes of juice - so that repeat orders automatically take place behind the scene. Of course, with that kind of system, the customer needs to be able to manage their orders. We provided a secure interface where customers can edit their order by adding & removing product (for the next order in succession), add or change delivery instructions, change billing and delivery address and even the ability to pause orders.