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Narooma tourism website re-development

I'm excited to announce that the Narooma Chamber of Commerce have selected my proposal to redevelop their tourism website

It's a big site, loaded with information and fantastic photos, and it gets an impressive amount of traffic - over 7 million hits a year. While it's served the Chamber of Commerce well, there is a new goal to update the site with subtle design changes, improve navigation and make it responsive to mobiles and tablet devices. I'll also be bringing it over to a content management system so that it can be easily managed by their staff.

While we've already started nutting out some new design ideas, I officially start next week - kicking off with revisiting the structure of content and navigation.

Following this, I'll be working through my standard process of getting design wireframes prepared (for desktops, mobiles and tablets) before embarking on finalised graphic designs. Really looking forward to this one, the team I'm working with are very enthusiastic and it represents a great opportunity to me being a South Coast local. Watch this space!