Canberra & Sydney web design examples

While we operate in regional circles most of the time, we hail from Sydney and Melbourne and often work with our extensive networks in the city. Not only are we subcontracted by design studios around Australia, we’ve had some great opportunities to work with some fantastic brands.

Here’s some web design examples we’d like to showcase from out of town. We provide top quality work for Canberra based businesses too.

We’re only a few hours away and we don’t pay big city rent, so let us show you true value for your next web design project.

Sydney web design example - Parkers Organic Juice

Parkers Organic Juice

We leapt onto this project when the outsourced guy couldn’t complete the job. For this Sydney based organic juice manufactuer, we developed a highly customised e-commerce solution using the Westbank payment gateway API for payments online. This isn’t any regular shopping cart though – it’s a subscription based system where wholesalers can opt in for 3, 6 or 12 months worth of supply. At first, this seemed simple – the tricky part was making the order customisable after the order and subscription payment had been made, as wholesalers may want to change the range of juices supplied over time. Mid way through the project, we adapted it to reflect the new branding on their range.

Key Features & Services

  • Custom e-commerce subscriptions
  • Westpac payment gateway integration
  • Client login and subscription order changes
  • Custom design with rebrand
Stubbs Design Tribe, Sydney architect website example

Stubbs Design Tribe

A Sydney based architect firm operating out of Randwick, this site boasts a stunning portfolio of buildings they’ve designed and built. We worked together, initially review a number of architect sites that they liked, and came up with a unique site that that suited their exact requirements. The site utilises full screen width for its content,  images and a project section with switchable views.

Key Features & Services

  • Consultation & Planning
  • Wireframes
  • Custom Design
  • Project Display Sorting
  • Mobile & Tablet friendly
  • Social Media Integration
Sydney Editing Solutions website

Sydney Editing Solutions

Sydney Editing Solutions are a small manuscript editing business specialising in fiction novels and general copywriting services. We created a look for them to capture writing – simple, black and white, and with the nostalgic appearance of text characters from a typewriter.

Key Features & Services

  • Custom design
  • Contact forms
  • Blogs & social media integration
  • Mobile & Tablet friendly

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