New gallery of featured South Coast sites

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New project localities sections.

With our recent rebuild we’ve been restructuring our website portfolio so they can be sorted by locality.

While we’re not quite there yet (soft launch!) – we’ve broken down some of our key projects into locality so you can browse through projects in areas near you. Hopefully this will help you discover businesses you’re familiar that we’ve done some work for. We hope you take the time to look at our designs here and browse through the various localities listed.

In the last 3 years, we’ve been lucky enough to complete work all across the Far South Coast of NSW – including Batemans Bay, Moruya, Merimbula, Bega and Narooma. Our focus will always be regional areas but we also handle projects in the big smoke from time to time! Click here for a downloadable overview featuring sample of our work from the region.

Retail Training Australia – website launch

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New site for Retail Training Australia, Batemans Bay.

At Adrian Fisse Design we’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Retail Training Australia website. Check it out at

After an initial brief, we provided a functional specification and followed up with some wireframe sketches. With some minor adjustments to the wireframe to ensure we were all on the same page, we went ahead with a new design that was in keeping with the old branding and general feel.

Below are the wireframe we provided RTA, before designing anything. Refining a rough layout document like this is our way of spending the maximum time & budget on the formal design and reducing revisions to basic layout work.

Freshened up design aside, the main thing, for Retail Training Australia, was they had the ability to easily update the site on their content management system – giving them the ability to add new training courses in and update pricing and details concerning changes in government legislation.

Using our new design, we built the website theme using the design that was tailored to their requirements. The website adapts and resizes for large desktops, notebooks, tablets and mobile, using an up to date look and feel that looks excellent whoever is looking at it. It’s RSS feed for new content will be used to automate Facebook and Twitter posts as part of RTA’s significant social media effort.

After a very quick training session on the CMS, we left these guys on their way – Geoff and the team in Batemans Bay have been great to work with, and we wish them the very best with their new site.

Retail Training Australia website – coming soon

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Working with Geoff Hatton of Retail Training Australia in Batemans Bay, Adrian Fisse Design is producing a revamped website for Eurobodalla’s leading, national education provider in the Retail Sector.

Retail Training Australia provide online training packages to help businesses improve the performance of their staff members. With various e-learning strategies and customised courses that are tailored for individual needs, RTA has access to Government Subsidies to ensure their professional services are not a costly burden.

To date, we have scoped out the requirements of the project, including integration of online forms for grant eligibility and easily editable course descriptions. We’ve sketched out the website wireframes and what is to be presented on mobile devices. Search Engine Optimisation concerns have been covered as well as usability on all devices with an emphasis on calls to action. Design and development starts in January – stay tuned!

Eurobodalla Council – Moruya website workshop seminars

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Update – presentation materials from the Moruya Workshop – read more here, or download here:

I’m excited about the website workshop for small business in Moruya this Tuesday 17th of September. Entitled “Make your website work for you!” – Eurobodalla Council has introduced this initiative for local towns including, potentially Batemans Bay, Narooma and towns further south.

I must say I’m impressed by the Council’s efforts for educating enabling small businesses. Having operated small businesses on and off for over a decade, I’ve never seen these kind of programmes driven by councils in capital cities.

I’ve been contracted to run these seminars and looking very much forward to it.

Keeping discussion open and working through various activities, I’ll be taking attendees through these key topics:

  • Your Website’s Potential – some illustrated examples summarising the how’s and why’s of making money online.
  • Website Strategy – Fundamentals for website beginners, planning what a website is actually going to do, why and how.
  • Driving Traffic to your Site – SEO, Pay Per Click advertising, Social Media and Offline Marketing
  • Maximising Conversions – Examples of good and bad sites, user experience essentials and tips for max conversions.
  • Measuring Success – Analytics and the importance of benchmarks, goals and measuring what works.
  • Maintenance and Performance Optimisation – The importance of content, keeping sites up to date and goal orientated changes.

Of course, throughout I’ll be providing interesting statistics and some humorous examples. :) If you’re local and reading this, look forward to meeting you there!


New Narooma Website Design for the Chamber of Commerce

Narooma tourism website re-development

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I’m excited to announce that the Narooma Chamber of Commerce have selected my proposal to redevelop their tourism website

It’s a big site, loaded with information and fantastic photos, and it gets an impressive amount of traffic – over 7 million hits a year. While it’s served the Chamber of Commerce well, there is a new goal to update the site with subtle design changes, improve navigation and make it responsive to mobiles and tablet devices. I’ll also be bringing it over to a content management system so that it can be easily managed by their staff.

While we’ve already started nutting out some new design ideas, I officially start next week – kicking off with revisiting the structure of content and navigation.

Following this, I’ll be working through my standard process of getting design wireframes prepared (for desktops, mobiles and tablets) before embarking on finalised graphic designs. Really looking forward to this one, the team I’m working with are very enthusiastic and it represents a great opportunity to me being a South Coast local. Watch this space!

Business gold – remote working relationships

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I thought I’d end a great day by clearing out a few business administration chores for a fresh start tomorrow, followed by a moment’s reflection. In doing so, I’ve gone in and re-read my previous post from a busy few weeks ago, and thought about the importance of working relationships.

Anyone will tell you that one of the most important functions for individuals working as freelancers is to establish and maintain good working relationships. It’s the same in reverse, with many businesses capitalising on the cost benefits and flexibility outsourced staff provide.

Working from Narooma, I have a number of partners providing secure, ongoing work and this is what makes freelancing viable and less stressful. And recently, having worked with groups in Melbourne, a programmer colleague in Sydney and a creative writer in New York – it just strikes me how simple it is in this day and age to collaborate with businesses remotely. Anywhere in the world.

The last time I worked independently full time, we were so Australia-centric and really most of our clients were within a 15 minute drive. Now 15 years down the track, you can be so engaged with your contacts whether they’re clients, subcontractors or businesses you want to work with. Skype, Twitter, Facebook… I love it, and it makes me feel connected and it’s great when I can interact on a businesses Facebook page to continue the dialogue after working with them.

With all of these advances,  I truly wonder why local outsourcing or telecommuting isn’t common place. It needs to happen more. The mind boggles when you consider our congested cities, our infrastructure straining to service them, shocking traffic and bleak housing scenarios… combined with the excessive greenhouse emissions that are part of it all.

So it’s an interesting time, and for me, well, it’s a great time. This ease of communication opens up so many avenues as a freelancer. I think more businesses should consider outsourcing Australian designers and developers. Today, I’ve secured yet another Melbourne based agency who’ve chosen me as their ongoing, remote designer of choice. It’s a win win. For me, I get fantastic variation in projects and the ability to work where I want. For businesses, they have a massive choice and the flexibility to choose individuals better suited for specific jobs… plus – no super, no hardware, no ongoing overheads… and no excuses about traffic jams!


Freelance design – here we are again!

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Like many creatives, I’ve cycled through agencies, corporate work and freelance work over my colourful career as a web designer.

And here we are again – I’m back in Freelance Mode after finishing my contract at the retail giant Just Group in Melbourne following 5 years as Creative Director in a much smaller agency environment. Let me tell you, it gives me great perspective and I’m completely charged to be working for myself once more.

What’s in it for me? The challenge of bringing in the work. Creative freedoms. Discipline in business management. The ability to live in Narooma and love the sea change NSW’s beautiful South Coast offers.  Developing skills. Riding to work. And being closer to my family at all times.

It’s good to be back.