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Business gold - remote working relationships

I thought I'd end a great day by clearing out a few business administration chores for a fresh start tomorrow, followed by a moment's reflection. In doing so, I've gone in and re-read my previous post from a busy few weeks ago, and thought about the importance of working relationships.

Anyone will tell you that one of the most important functions for individuals working as freelancers is to establish and maintain good working relationships. It's the same in reverse, with many businesses capitalising on the cost benefits and flexibility outsourced staff provide.

Working from Narooma, I have a number of partners providing secure, ongoing work and this is what makes freelancing viable and less stressful. And recently, having worked with groups in Melbourne, a programmer colleague in Sydney and a creative writer in New York - it just strikes me how simple it is in this day and age to collaborate with businesses remotely. Anywhere in the world.

The last time I worked independently full time, we were so Australia-centric and really most of our clients were within a 15 minute drive. Now 23 years down the track, you can be so engaged with your contacts whether they're clients, subcontractors or businesses you want to work with. Skype, Twitter, Facebook… I love it, and it makes me feel connected and it's great when I can interact on a businesses Facebook page to continue the dialogue after working with them.

With all of these advances, I truly wonder why local outsourcing or telecommuting isn't common place. It needs to happen more. The mind boggles when you consider our congested cities, our infrastructure straining to service them, shocking traffic and bleak housing scenarios… combined with the excessive greenhouse emissions that are part of it all.

So it's an interesting time, and for me, well, it's a great time. This ease of communication opens up so many avenues as a freelancer. I think more businesses should consider outsourcing Australian designers and developers. Today, I've secured yet another Melbourne based agency who've chosen me as their ongoing, remote designer of choice. It's a win win. For me, I get fantastic variation in projects and the ability to work where I want. For businesses, they have a massive choice and the flexibility to choose individuals better suited for specific jobs… plus - no super, no hardware, no ongoing overheads… and no excuses about traffic jams!